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Here’s the story behind my DIY Outdoor Garden Planter Chairs.

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You know it is going to be a good visit when you get out of the car after a 9-hour road trip and your in-laws say: You’re here! Let’s go to The Dump!

The Transfer Station in their Massachusetts town isn’t any ordinary dump.

It is the most amazing FREE treasure hunting spot I’ve ever seen!

In addition to drop-offs for trash and recyclables, there is a Swap Area where people may leave unwanted-but-still-useful items for other people to find and take home.

Over the years, the Swap Area became so popular that volunteers set up tents and organized the items into different sections. Now they sign up for shifts to resolve disputes and keep traffic flowing throughout the day.

It is like a giant outdoor thrift store. And everything is FREE!

The Swap Area is so well-organized, they even have rules.

And did you see all of that awesome furniture in the background? They had some really nice things!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of room in our car to take any of it back home to Virginia … but you know I wasn’t leaving a place as amazing as this empty-handed.

I found two little chairs I could squeeze into the back seat …

… and a tag on them revealing that a Mr. White paid $25 to have them stripped—back in 1997.

So what happened to the chairs during the 20 years between being stripped and ending up at the Swap Area?

That’s a mystery, but Mr. White saved me a lot of work! These babies were ready to paint!

Because the seats were missing and the chairs were not super-sturdy enough for sitting on anyway, I decided to turn them into DIY Outdoor Garden Planter Chairs—perfect for the Trash to Treasure Blog Hop: Outdoor Edition!

I used Real Milk Paint, the all-natural line of milk paint we sell at our store All Things New Again in Leesburg, Virginia.

The color is called Flag Red and I love it. I used it on my very first milk paint project a few years ago.

This time I also added a product called Outdoor Additive to the paint to help protect the chairs from harmful UV damage, mold and bacteria.

Spray paint is usually my go-to paint for outdoor projects, but Real Milk Paint’s Outdoor Additive gives you a durable, all-natural alternative without the aerosol cans and harmful fumes.

There are a few different ways you can build out the seats to make your own DIY Outdoor Garden Planter Chairs. I’ll share a tutorial on how I did mine next week.

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And thank you Veronica and John for taking me to The Dump!

I can’t wait to go back the next time we are up your way.

<3 Courtney

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  1. Super pretty chair planters! The flowers look awesome against the red chair. Visiting from Trash to Treasure Blog Hop.

  2. These turned out so awesome! I love the colour that you chose! The perfect way to display lots of lovely blooms!

  3. Your chairs are simply delightful Courtney, I love the vibrant explosion of colors. It must be such a talking point in the garden. Anything that’s whimsical and fun always makes my heart dance.

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