DSC_0016If these jack-o-lanterns look a little homemade, that’s because they are!

Mom and Dad used to make all kinds of creatures on sticks for every holiday back in the day. They would carefully wrap up each one, pack them in boxes and head to a different craft show every weekend.

Colleen and I would help.

DSC_0017They let us “help” paint these little pumpkins, which either never sold (unlikely!) or never even made it into the van because they look like somebody’s kids painted them.

Either way, these pumpkins decorated Mom’s house for many, many years until she realized her kids had grown up and moved out and she was way to busy to go all-out for Halloween anymore.

(Christmas is a whole other story!)

Mom gave the pumpkins to me a few years ago. They make me so happy!

Especially this little guy with the groovy mustache.

I mustache you a question: Trick or Treat?
I mustache you a question: Trick or Treat?

Other houses in my neighborhood are decked out with newer, sleeker, scarier Halloween decorations. There’s a creepy zombie graveyard up the street. Something about these little pumpkin characters just makes me smile.

Even though I have a few new and sleek and scary Halloween decorations of my own now, these old friends will always be my favorite.

I still can’t believe they never sold …


~ Courtney

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